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With the address of the property, we can estimate cost for services except Ducts sealing, coating and recovering. These services require inspection to establish severity of deterioration.


Our services improve the air quality that you and your family breath at home.  They will help you prevent and/or minimize any disease associated with respiratory and immunology system. Covid, asthma, fatigue, cancer, Colds, and many other respiratory diseases.

Yes, You have.

You can improve the most advanced and effective remediation saving a lot of money  and the traumatic demolition. We apply a lasting solution to Sealing – Coating – Recovering the duct lines.

EPA  (Environmental Protection Agency)  Registered and certificated HVAC formula  forms a protective, non-flammable, odorless layer that reinforce the ducts, prevent damage and deterioration, stop erosion, avoid the fiberglass detachment, reduce moisture, dirt, mold and dust, remedy air leaks and facilitates future cleanings.

Unless the deterioration is such that ducts have been torn apart, they will be better than new.

Our inspection determines the state of the system (equipment and ducts) in terms of dirt, contamination and detachment and wastage of fiberglass and the possibility of remediation without incurring in duct changes. It is sufficient to determine the quality of air recirculation in the system.

It is free, effective, supported by photos and most of the time fast.

For real estate buyers we offer extended inspection with estimated cost of remediation for a better negotiation. 

Without the experience of having inhabited a house, especially homes of 10 or more years, our examination determines these very deep conditions that will be a problem for new owners. This inspection includes the key items for peace of mind living:

  • Moisture – Fungus Examination
  • Fiberglass Detachment Examination
  • Bacteria – Viruses by Microbial Test if needed.
  • Optimal – poor cooling condition
  • Air Flow Delivery Measurement
  • Thermal Load By Area
  • Estimate with pictures

Moisture, fungus, Fiberglass detachment, bacteria, viruses test are essential for the common, hidden and harmful problems that enter Air ducts usually.

Air flow delivery measurement and Thermal Load by Area will show rooms with not enough air flow for a fresh living area caused by serious leaks, insufficient equipment or improper ducts distribution.

The most HVAC technicians are focused on the machine not in ducts, home inspectors can’t check items like these. Buyers need key information revealing hidden problems to negotiate with sellers; these problems will represent expensive repairs, uncomfortable and unhealthy environments for families.  

The average cost of this Inspection is $250.00 to maximum $750.00. according to the living area.   This amount that the buyer paid us, at last, will be paid to the seller in the negotiation.  If we carry out the solution work, we will reimburse the cost of the examination. 


– New houses can have dirty air ducts.

Even an excellent cleaning has been done with the system off, the dust of construction stays on places like walls and ceilings that the air conditioner will suction, check filters to have an idea. If the filter is full of dust in a few days, you will need  duct cleaning in a few months.

– Maybe you want to avoid future duct board erosion and deterioration, moisture fungi and bacteria growing, You will need a duct board coating service.

Totally safe. 

None of the products we use is toxic or flammable, all products are registered and certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and made for HVAC systems. We follow established procedures to apply.

Establishing an amount is difficult but our services will make you save a lot of money.

Our services have direct and indirect benefits difficult to quantify and in dependence of the problems, type and state of the air system as well as its use. 

A system that is kept clean will work better and therefore consume less power energy.  There will be savings in power consumption, repairs and replacements.

Coated duct board will not deteriorate and therefore avoid the high cost of Ducts replacement.

Also, coating saves money for air leaks remediation, moisture damage repairs and  energy efficiency.

It is also difficult to measure the productivity of people by having the lungs of their home free of toxic air.  Very expensive not to breathe high quality air.


We access using existing outputs without demolishing, trauma, invading or disturbing. Our tools and equipment are designed for this purpose.

If you are moving, do the cleaning before living in the new home. If you have done any remodeling, you should clean the system as soon as the work is finished.

If you have pets, live near high traffic roads, or recent constructions, you have neglected to change the coil filters, perform annual cleaning. In other conditions every three years is ok. Never contract brush cleanings if your ducts have not been coated and sanitized. This can activate bacteria and fiberglass shedding.


You do not need to leave your home during the service. The system is temporarily suspended for a few hours unless there is a repair that takes longer than normal service.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risk to public health – American Lung Association

The factor that most determines the quality of the air inside the home is the air conditioning system. Sanitization, cleaning and coating, our services make your system free of bacteria, viruses, mold, dirt and fiberglass detachment that are aggravating respiratory illnesses, aches and pains.  Everybody needs clean air to be healthy.


Because our service offer is comprehensive and complementary for an effective result. Cleaning ducts only,  is not enough and often counterproductive if the method is not adequate.


This is caused by mold and moisture over time. We make sanitization and deodorization into the duct liner.

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