Frequently Asked Questions

There are several variables that affect cost of services:

  • System size
  • Type of ductwork
  • System accessibility
  • Level of contamination
  • Amplitude of areas
  • Early of the day the service may begin.

With the address of the property, we can quote sanitization service and to have an approximate idea of the cleaning cost. Ducts sealing, coating and recovering services require inspection to establish severity of deterioration.

Consider non serious ads offering special prices without home information, just imagine $99.00 whole house cleaning ducts, or $19.00 per outlet, you will not get a right service. This profession requires seriousness, clarity and honesty. Avoid sales gimmicks.

Yes. There are many health benefits.  Air conditioning ducts collect a large variety of contaminants, covid included. In the link:  Can an HVAC Duct Spread COVID-19 in Offices, Stores and Schools? | Hartford HealthCare | CT   you can find information about covid in the air ducts.

To treat microbial contamination such as viruses like covid, bacteria and fungi. We apply antimicrobial solution registered by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) specifically for use in HVAC systems.

 After covid experience to kill virus spores that remain recirculating inside. home, and to prevent respiratory diseases at home you would do well keeping air conditioning system clean and disinfected.

Yes, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that air systems cleaned run more efficiently.  It means savings in energy bill and repairs.

Establishing an amount is difficult because it depends on the type and state of the air system as well as its use. A system that is kept clean will work better and less time, therefore consume less power energy.

With coating treatment the lined ducts will not deteriorate and therefore avoid the high cost of having to change them, here there is a cost benefit ratio of no less than 5 to 1. 

The coating also saves money because it remedies leaks that lead to costly moisture damage repairs and higher energy consumption. It is also difficult to measure the degree of productivity of people by having the lungs of their home free of impure and toxins.

If you are moving, do the cleaning prior occupancy of the new home. If you have done any remodeling, you should clean the system as soon as the work is finished. If you or any family member have or had covid, do at least a sanitization.

For occupation without the previous cases, frequency of cleaning will depend on some factors like:

If you have pets especially those who shed lot of hair, If you live near high traffic roads, or recent constructions, if you have neglected to change the coil filters, if you or any other smoke in the house, in cases of asthma, allergies, respiratory illness, perform annual cleaning. Other conditions, every three years is ok. If the air ducts system shows signs of fiberglass shedding, the cleaning will not suffice, Never contract brush cleanings, these will do the problem worse.

Our inspection determines the state of the air conditioning system (equipment and ducts) in terms of dirt, contamination and fiberglass detachment and the possibility of remediation to avoid the high cost and trauma of ducts replacement. This Inspection includes:

  • Moisture – Fungus Examination
  • Fiberglass Detachment Examination
  • Bacteria – Viruses by Microbial Test if need.
  • Optimal – poor cooling condition
  • Air Flow Delivery Measurement
  • Thermal Load By Area
  • Estimate with pictures

Without the experience of having inhabited a house, especially homes of 10 or more years, our examination establish these very deep conditions that will be problem for new owners.

Moisture, fungus, Fiberglass detachment, bacteria, viruses test are essential for the common, hidden and harmful problems that into Air ducts are usually.

Air flow delivery measurement and Thermal Load by Area will show rooms with not enough air flow for a fresh living area caused by serious leaks, insufficient equipment or improper ducts distribution.

The most HVAC technicians are focused on the machine not in ducts, home inspectors can’t check items like these. Buyers need key information revealing hidden problems to negotiate with sellers; these problems will represent expensive repairs, uncomfortable and unhealthy environments for families.  

The average cost of this Inspection is $250.00 to maximum $750.00. according to living area.   This amount that buyer paid us, at last, will be paid for seller into the negotiation.  If we carry out the solution work, we will reimburse the cost of the examination.


– New houses can have dirty air ducts.

Even an excellent cleaning has been done with the system off, the dust of construction stays on places like walls and ceilings that air conditioner will suction, check filters to have idea. If filter is full of dust in few days, you will need  duct cleaning in few months.

– May be you want to avoid future duct board erosion and deterioration, moisture fungi and bacteria growing, You will need a duct board coating service.

Totally safe. None of the products we use is toxic or flammable, all products are registered and certified by EPA and made for HVAC. We follow established procedure to apply.

No. We access using existing outputs without demolishing, trauma, invading or disturbing. Our tools and equipment are designed for this purpose.

No, our treatments are odorless, you will have  a pleasant environment.

Yes, Unless the state of your ducts is so deplorable and broken that it cannot be covered. These conditions are mainly due to fire, or demolition.

No, you do not need to leave your home during the service. The system is temporarily suspended for a few hours unless there is a repair that takes longer than normal service.

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