Buy your house without its expensive and hidden diseases!

Our inspection determines the state of the air conditioning system (equipment and ducts) in terms of dirt, contamination and fiberglass detachment and the possibility of remediation to avoid the high cost and trauma of ducts replacement. This Inspection includes:

  • Moisture – Fungus Examination
  • Fiberglass Detachment Examination
  • Pictures of these Examinations

For home buyers, without the experience of having inhabited a house we extent our examination to establish these conditions that will be problem for new owners:

  • Bacteria – Viruses Microbial Test
  • Air Flow Delivery Measurement
  • Thermal Load By Area
  • Video

Air flow delivery measurement and Thermal Load By Area will show rooms with not enough air flow for a fresh living area caused by serious leaks, insufficient equipment or improper ducts distribution.

We charge low cost for this deep examination to the buyer. Buyer will be sure to breathe clean air or will have key information revealing hidden problems that represent savings on expensive repairs, uncomfortable and unhealthy environments to negotiate with seller,  If we carry out the solution work, we will reimburse the cost of the examination.

Air ducts problems are very common, hidden and very expensive for both; the pocket and health,

What a home inspector can’t see 

What HVAC technicians don’t usually consider 

What the environmental authority and other publications warn 

We detect and solve it 

We are specialized in air ducts remediation before expensive replacement

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